Traffic Alert–Sunday, May 5th

The Orange County Marathon will be running Sunday, May 5th, near the Meeting House.  In previous years this has been a headache for anyone driving to Meeting.

The best way to get to Meeting, for anyone coming by car, will be:

405 to Harbor South
Right (west) on Gisler, the first light south of the freeway, by the Arco and In’n’Out
Left on Gibraltar, the first stop sign
Round the bend on Gibraltar
Left on Labrador (Gibraltar ends)
Right on Baker, a four-way stop
Left on Mesa Verde Eats, a four-way stop
Then Meeting will be on the right.

There may be a lot of traffic this way, from people trying to get to the marathon’s route. Here are two links to the Marathon’s website:

Thelink on the right takes you to a page with links to lists of road closures.  If you prefer maps, scroll to the bottom and click on the rectangular thing on the right, in the black bar. That will give you a full-page interactive map.

*Photo by Miguel A Amutio on Unsplash