Most Sundays we get together from 9:30-10:15 AM for a period of discussion and worship-sharing we call Quaker Explorations. Some of our Quaker Explorations sessions are specifically aimed at introducing newcomers to Quaker practices and beliefs, while others allow us to share personal interests or passions such as poetry. The Quaker Explorations schedule through October 29, 2023 appears below.

6/25Exploring Quakerism Lesson 8: Simplicity and IntegrityLouise S.
7/2SingingLynn G.
7/9Exploring Quakerism Lesson 9: Friends and DiversityBetty G.
7/16“Living Grief, Finding Connection” (Western Friend, May/June 2023)Bethany E.
7/23Exploring Quakerism Lesson 10: Friends and CommunityLouise S.
7/30Guidance DreamsLynda D.
8/6Quaker Speak Video: The Secret to True CommunicationBethany E.
8/13Exploring Quakerism Lesson 11: Quaker Faith In ActionRichard KW
8/20Persistence in Faith-Based ActionBethany E.
8/27Exploring Quakerism Lesson 12: Friends TestimoniesBetty G.
9/3Everyone has a story: How to tell it!Bethany E.
9/10Exploring Quakerism Lesson 13: Quaker ProcessLisa S.
9/17What would you like to see in Quaker ExplorationsBetty G/ Bethany E.
9/24Exploring Quakerism Lesson 14: Quaker Organization and StructureRichard KW
10/1FWCC: World Quaker Day (Program TBA)TBA
10/8Exploring Quakerism Lesson 15: The Roots and Branches of Modern QuakerismLouise S.
10/15The Quaker Tapestry (one of the world’s largest embroideries, displayed in Kendal, Cumbria, England)Lisa S.
10/22SingingLynn G.
10/29Crafting as a Spiritual PracticeBethany E.