Orange County Friends Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Costa Mesa, California

The light within

The Light Within, which is the central Quaker idea, is no abstract phrase. It is an experience. It is a type of religion that turns away from arid theological notions and that insists instead upon a real and vital experience of God revealed to persons in their own souls, in their own personal lives... We no more need to go somewhere to find God than the fish needs to soar to find the ocean or the eagle needs to plunge to find the air.... The pioneer Quakers believed with all their minds and strength that something like that was true, that they had discovered it, tested it, and were themselves a demonstration of it.  (Rufus Jones)

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"...there are many different names for the thing that Quakers now call “the inner Light”. There’s the “seed”, and the “Light of Christ” and “that of God within”. Which of these resonates most with your spiritual experience?"