Orange County Friends Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Irvine, California

Links to other websites with substantial Quaker content

The World Wide Web contains thousands of pages describing, sometimes accurately, the Society of Friends. Here are a few starting points.

The Religious Society of Friends (

The biggest website of information about the Society of Friends. Largely, but not exclusively, devoted to websites in the USA. Almost the only resource you really need. However, its size can make the search daunting, so below we list links to a few specific sections.

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Information for newcomers

Articles intended for persons newly interested in the Society of Friends..

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Many Quaker websites have a page (like this one) that lists other Quaker websites. There is much overlap, but each of the following has some links that are unique to its region.

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Articles about the Society of Friends

General writings about the Society of Friends

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Faith and practice

Published by nearly every (every?) yearly meeting of Friends in the world, these documents come as close as the Society ever gets to saying what the "rules" are. The pages below are all belong to unprogrammed yearly meetings.

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Quaker documents

These websites are specifically set up as repositories of Quaker documents.

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Websites with documents and links to documents concerning the Society of Friends

The following pages contain lists of links to online documents describing the Society.

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Quaker organizations

The most comprehensive list (at least for the United States) is here. We list just a few.

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Quaker book sellers

Links to websites that sell Quaker books. There's a bigger list on the indispensable

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