Orange County Friends Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Costa Mesa, California

The Light Mail list

Approved 8 Mar2015

Purpose of the list

The purpose of the OCFM LightMail List is to disseminate information and facilitate thoughtful discussion among those in the Meeting community (members and attenders).

Management of the list

The Meeting shall appoint a coordinator and assistant coordinator for one-year terms, renewable annually. The coordinators will act under the care of the Ministry and Oversight Committee.

Ministry and Oversight Committee shall periodically evaluate the operation of the LightMail List, not only in terms of any technical issues but also in terms of its effectiveness in serving its stated purpose.



The LightMail List is open to anyone who wishes to be part of the Meeting community and participate in our activities and discussions. Those wishing to join the list for the first time need to contact the coordinator or assistant coordinator. Specific instructions for joining the LightMail List are printed in the Meeting directory.

In the event that a participant misuses the list (see “content” and “netiquette” below) and fails to respond to requests to correct the problematic behavior, the person may be removed from the list. This decision would be made by the coordinators, in consultation with M&O and the Clerk.


The list is open for any topic of interest to Friends. Participants are welcome to raise topics for discussion and to announce events or information of general interest, as well as sharing information directly related to this Meeting. However, Friends should be aware, as with any electronic communication, that material posted to the list can be forwarded or saved. For this reason, members should not share anything that they wish to keep confidential within the community.


When posting to the list, Friends should be sensitive to the diversity of experiences and positions within the Meeting community and phrase their messages respectfully. Profanity, “flaming,” insulting or demeaning language, etc. will not be tolerated. Refrain from saying anything in an electronic message that you would not say face to face.

Friends should respect the time and bandwidth of other subscribers by keeping messages concise and to the point. When sharing information from websites or other emails, avoid copying and pasting lengthy (more than a single screen) texts. Rather, summarize the information briefly and/or direct list members to a URL that provides the information you wish to share.

While confidentiality is never guaranteed in electronic communication, Friends should exercise discretion in disseminating any personal information that is shared by other list members. Nothing should be copied or forwarded without the permission of the person who posted it.