Orange County Friends Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Costa Mesa, California

Website policy

Approved 10 Dec 2000

1. Purposes

The website shall serve the following purposes:

To introduce Quakers in general, and our meeting in particular, to anyone who might come across our website,

To inform the local community, other Friends meetings, and the world at large, about events in the life of our meeting,

To make available information about the Meeting that we ourselves can use.

2. Website Coordinator

Each year the Meeting shall appoint a Website Coordinator charged with developing and maintaining the website.

Only the Coordinator may actually place and remove material on the website. The Coordinator is permitted to publish any material he or she thinks serves the Purposes of the website, so long as the material is consistent with the other policies described below. In case of uncertainty about the appropriateness of material proposed for the website, the coordinator will consult with the Committee on Ministry and Oversight.

3. Privacy

The website will not reveal contact information about a member or attender of this meeting, or about anyone else, unless that member or attender explicitly requests that such information be published. By contact information, we mean any information that would allow a third party to contact someone by phone, mail address, email, or by any other means.

The website is permitted to publish names and photographs of members and attenders of this meeting, as long as permission to do so is obtained from the individuals involved.

4. Quaker Practices and Beliefs

The website may contain statements about Quaker practices and beliefs, as long as any such statement reflects the viewpoint or practices of a significant number of Quakers, or is an important statement about Quakers, either from the past or in the present. Such statements do not necessarily have to represent the views of this Meeting, or even the views of any member or attender of this Meeting.

In cases where it might be mistakenly construed that a statement represents the considered opinion of this meeting, when in fact it does not, an explicit statement that the statement does not necessarily reflect the views of the meeting will be displayed near the statement. However, generally, for statements that are clearly attributed to some other organization, to an historical figure or to an specific individual writer, it can be usually be assumed by context that the statement does not necessarily represent the views of this Meeting.

From time to time, the Meeting may formally agree to publish a statement that does reflect a viewpoint that has been considered and approved by the Meeting. Such statements will be marked as such.

5. Meeting Committees

Any Meeting committee may use the website to publish materials related to its charge, as long as those materials are consistent with the Meeting’s website policies.

The Website Coordinator is not expected to automatically place announcements of Committee activities on the website. Requests for such announcements should be made by the Committees involved, and given to the Coordinator in good time.

6. Individual Members and Attenders

Any individual member or attender of the Meeting may use the website to publish material, as long as that material serves the purposes of the website and is consistent with the Meeting’s Website policies.

7. Outside Organizations

The Coordinator is permitted to publish materials submitted by outside organizations with which the Meeting has a strong and comfortable relationship (e.g., any of the organizations to which we give annual outreach contributions). Such material must, of course, be consistent with the Purposes and policies outlined in this statement.

8. Procedure for Submitting Material to the Website

Any material that a Meeting Committee, a member or attender, or an outside organization wishes to publish on the Meeting website should be submitted to the Coordinator, who will review it for appropriateness.

If there is any question about the appropriateness of proposed material that cannot be resolved by discussions between the submitter and the Coordinator, the material will be referred to the Committee on Ministry and Oversight.

It is the responsibility of the submitter to inform the Coordinator when the submitter’s materials should be changed or removed. Nevertheless, the Coordinator may remove submitted material at any time.