Orange County Friends Meeting
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Costa Mesa, California

The Ministry & Oversight Committee

The Ministry and Oversight Committee has many of the functions that would fall to a minister or priest in most churches. Its “ministry” function includes receiving and attending to membership requests, responding to requests for clearness committees, care for members and attenders in illness or urgent crisis, general support of members and attenders, and the spiritual growth and well-being of the meeting. It also updates and maintains the “hold in the light” list of members and attenders in need of spiritual support. Additionally it is responsible for the oversight of  meeting for worship, from announcements to the welcome to newcomers. It considers matters of general concern to the Meeting, brings action items and policy questions before Meeting for Business, appoints committees to study issues of concern to the Meeting, and schedules the regularly-occurring business of the Meeting.  It also oversees the distribution of special funds to assist members and attenders.

The committee meets monthly for about two hours, and those who serve must be members of the Religious Society of Friends. Three-year terms are staggered so that two members rotate off and two new ones join the committee each year.